Two American Kids Growing Up

by The Heartland

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released June 6, 2006

Recorded by Joey Sturgis at Foundation Recording Studio 2006



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Heartland - The Blue Period (We're Spanning Time)
The Blue Period (We're Spanning Time.)
This bodied water becomes, a landscape of paint, under the dying sun. Brought by our blinking eyes.
As effigies of a foreseeable future, tend to the frayed edges of his heart. Memories meander aimlessly,
struggling to assemble reason. He should be further along, but the same roads seem so different, traveling home.
His dreaming eyes, stare through their lids, across the bed, through her chest, into her heart. How a sleeping
embrace, can bring him back every time. Every time!
Track Name: The Heartland - The Goddess Did Not Produce a Shadow
The Goddess Did Not Produce A Shadow
Her voice sounded in my head, just how the sky had looked, as rain comes down in cascades. Following the example,
of my every lonesome drive. Though it were speaking back, in its own desperate cry. Suffocating on the, omnipotence of
what's, being forced to my ears. Discomfort flushes through me, a white light shone on my face. My stomach drops,
like the bowels, of another dangling, Judas to the ground."Safe not sorry, we'll burn out, not fade away," Her voice
cracked over the line like thunder ringing in my ears.
Track Name: The Heartland - "It's Your Haunted Chair, You Drag It"
"It's Your Haunted Chair, You Drag It."
Dark streets cut at the candor, as tired recitals, encompass exhausted hearts. She will never understand this family.
Where I sat, I can't explain that day. Oh, I love how we forgot to, make it last! Time eats, away, at my antique novel.
Age stained pages, fall like leaves, to the ground. Reviewing photos, nothing coincides with memory. Nowhere to go,
with vigor reaching for the keys. The family photo? Black ink, on my father's face
Track Name: The Heartland - Tackle That Monster
Tackle The Monster
This is my coming of age. My head hung low, raised, I walk away. I've waited up all night. I've waited up my whole life.
I wandered awake for days, pondering my life and it's ways. By my angel's side, sweet sleep wraps her arms 'round me.
American dreaming haunts nightly, but these nightmares are truely my dreams and blessings! To tell the truth, I only see
a future, when I'm driving towards you. But time, continues to deride my good name.Silk of your face brushes 'gainst my
wrist, as my fingers twist your hair like ribbons 'tween their tips. Our laughter subsides, there's a look in your eyes, they'll
tell me no lies, they're not the, eyes of a liar. But what if they lie to you? I'll take each day for what it is, bring what it may,
and what I can, I'll give to you. My future a question, devouring every day! The future, a question devouring every day,
and time continues to deride my good name.
Track Name: The Heartland - $150 Worth of Tarantulas
$150 Worth Of Tarantulas
As chilled air, refreshes me, I feel hands on my lungs begin to squeeze. Let down by every breath, I'm forced to exhale,
start again. Without fail I'm left empty, but my heart keeps beating. Oh, I keep breathing. Keep wanting, keep taking,
keep needing This is what life means to me: live, love, work, fuck, eat, and sleep. There's got to be something more-
to all of this.There has got to be, something more to life.
Track Name: The Heartland - Miss Elanious
Ms. Elanious
She pulled my moon along, like a child with a balloon, tied to a string. With every step she took further away, she became
closer to her dreams.It's nothing now. It's nothing, don't cry. The lights become blurred out, as limousines pass by.
"Tell the onlookers, it's smoke burning your eyes." Thinking of the slow dance, we'd never share. Everything we
declared, in the name of high hope. When we believed. Her shame, was glory, in my eyes. When we believed, it was
never what you said, but how you said it. It was never what you said. It meant everything, when we believed, a few
days ago, it meant everything.
Track Name: The Heartland - Grace Makes A Cameo Appearance
Grace Makes A Cameo Appearance
Haunting me, with distance I hear you say, "What could be, will never." Eyes telling a thousand stories, her smile taunting
me. LUSH, with what I'm burning for. This separation, has brought Hell's flame to my heart. How loneliness deadens the
senses. THE SACRIFICE, I'd make, to wear an honest smile. I'd kill, to see, your face, again. Slay nations, for your
fragile kiss, I'd sell this shattered soul, of mine. For the chance to hold you, one more time. With every angelic chorus a
reminder. Every moonlit sky, leads me to you. Nightmares and fantasy, my only empty insides. Forever hates me,
you'll never know, my love.